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The sign accompanying the EC-121. It reads

Lockheed Aircraft
Super Constellation

This type of plane was a vital deterrent in the Cold War with Russia from 1954 until 1965. During this time over 170 Naval AEW aviators gave their lives in defense of our country. 141311 was delivered to VW 13 at Patuxent River NAS in 1956 and flew the Atlantic DEW (Distant Early Warning) Line until 1965. Transferred to Pt. Mugu, CA and flew missile tracking flights until 1979. Flown to Chanute Air Force Base in 1983. Adopted by former AEW crewmembers in 1999 and currently over 4,000 hours have been expended in restoring this aircraft. 141311 is on loan from U.S. Navy.

Sign by the EC-121 at Chanute Air Museum
Time picture taken Tue Sep 22 15:17:14 2015
Location picture taken Air Park
Chanute Air Museum
Rantoul, Illinois
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