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The ID plate on the Gemini retro motor. It reads

Thiokol Chemical Corporation

Unit Name: Gemini Retrograde Rocket Motor TE-385
Mfrs Model Designation: E-15171-17
Serial Number: PV16-371-24
Casting Date: February 1964
Propellant Batch Number: PV16-371
Mfd by: Thiokol Chmical Corp, Elkton, MD
For: McDonnell per M.A.C. SCD 52-50702-23
Mfrs Project Number: 1797
Date of Shipping Inspection Accept.: July 1964
Storage Temp. Limits: 0°F to +160°F
ICC Classification: Jet Thrust Unit Class B Explosive

Gemini Retro Motor at Cernan Center
Time picture taken Fri Jun 18 11:50:56 2010
Location picture taken Main Exhibit Area
Cernan Earth & Space Center
River Grove, IL
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