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The sign accompanying the suit. It reads

This spacesuit was worn by astronaut Eugene A. Cernan aboard Apollo 10 (May 18-26, 1969). On this mission, along with fellow astronaut Tom Stafford, Cernan flew to the moon, went into lunar orbit and came within just 10 miles of the moon's surface. Although Apollo 10 didn't land on the moon, its flight marked the final "dress rehearsal" before NASA's first lunar landing two months later in July 1969. Three years later, Cernan landed on the moon aboard Apollo 17.

This display case was funded in part by the Thiokol Corporation.

Sign accompanying Cernan's Apollo 10 Suit at Cernan Center
Time picture taken Fri Nov 18 11:17:50 2005
Location picture taken Main Exhibit Area
Cernan Earth & Space Center
River Grove, IL
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