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The sign accompanying the boot. It reads

Lunar Over-Boot

The lunar boots, donned prior to lunar surface activity, provided thermal and abrasion protection for the pressure garment assembly boots during lunar surface operations. The outer layer of a lunar boot, except for the sole, was fabricated from Chromel-R and the tongue area was made of Teflon-coated Beta cloth. Ribs projected from the bottom of the silicon rubber sole to increase thermal insulation qualities, to provide lateral rigidity, and to provide traction on the lunar surface. The inner layers consisted of two layers of Kapton followed by five layers of aluminized, perforated Mylar. The Mylar layers were separated by four layers of nonwoven Dacron followed by an inner liner of Teflon-coated Beta cloth. Two layers of Nomex felt on the sole provided additional thermal insulation from the lunar surface.

• This boot was made for Astronaut Charlie Duke and was used in training for his Apollo 16 Mission.

Sign accompanying Apollo A7LB Suit Lunar Overboot at Celebrating Apollo
Time picture taken Sat Sep 30 12:30:44 2017
Location picture taken Gilbert H. Hansen Photography Gallery
EAA AirVenture Museum
Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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