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Detail of the socket in the air rudder mounting plate.

The air rudders, in conjunction with the carbon jet vanes located in the engine exhaust, were used to control the missile's attitude. During the early portion of the missile's flight, it was controlled by the jet vanes. When the missile reached a velocity sufficient for it to become aerodynamically stable, the air rudders took over the control function.

The air rudders and carbon vanes were driven by the same actuator assembly and turned simultaneously.

Note that the air rudders are attached only by a shaft near the top of the rudder; the shaft rides in this socket in the air rudder mounting plate.

Socket on air rudder mounting plate on Redstone Missile (Exterior) at Battleship Memorial Park
Time picture taken Tue Jun 30 12:12:12 2009
Location picture taken Park Grounds
Battleship Memorial Park
Mobile, Alabama
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