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A display of various newspapers reporting on the Apollo 11 mission.

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The sign accompanying this display reads

We Did It!

Celebrating the Achievement

These are original newspapers from July 21, 1969. American and international media followed the Apollo 11 mission closely. At 10:56 p.m. EDT on Sunday, July 20, Apollo Commander Neil A. Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the Moon. While exiting the Lunar Module, he pulled a ring, deploying a camera to film and broadcast his descent to millions watching around the world. Astronaut Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin soon followed. The first human on the Moon was a monumental achievement of planning, technology and execution, and images of the feat became a part of history.

The camera described on the sign was a television camera; the word "film" is used as a generic verb (although Aldrin did point a data acquisition camera out the Lunar Module's window to film Armstrong egressing the LM and taking his first steps; of course, the film stock was actually on the moon and returned to Earth with the astronauts, and so was not available to the public until that time).

The newspaper on the left is the Washington Post and has a headline of "'The Eagle Has Landed'—Two Men Walk on the Moon".

The center newspaper is the New York Daily News with a headline of "Men Walk on the Moon - 'One Small Step for Man ... One Giant Leap for Mankind'".

The newspapers at right are the Augusta Herald (which appears to have gone out of business, as it has no Web presence) with "Eagle's Crew Points for Home After Great Leap for Mankind" and the Los Angeles Times with a headline of "Man Walks on the Moon - 'Smal Step for Man ... Giant Leap for Mankind'.

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