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Walk-around of the multiple pneumatic coupling lines on the side of the engine.

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Although cut off when prepared for display, these lines would ordinarily extend to the multiple pneumatic coupling balcony fittings on the interior of the tail unit. The multiple coupling balcony, in turn, connected to the launcher table to provide control over purges and pneumatically-controlled valves. These included

  • Injector purge
  • Alcohol bubbling line
  • Liquid oxygen replenishing control
  • Igniter alcohol
  • Liquid oxygen tank pressure
  • Liquid oxygen vent control
  • Liquid oxygen sensing
  • High pressure fill
  • Alcohol seal drain

Multiple pneumatic coupling lines on the A-7 Engine ("As Removed") at Air Zoo
Time picture taken Sun Sep 20 13:35:52 2015
Location picture taken East Campus
Air Zoo
Portage, MI
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