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The sign by the Polaris missile. It reads

A-2 Polaris

Polaris was a deterrent and retaliatory missile specifically designed for launch from a ballistic missile submarine while submerged (or surfaced) to strike a target some 1,500 miles away. A typical submarine carried 16 of these missiles which could all be launched within 15 minutes with target information programmed in as little as 30 seconds. The missile would be launched vertically from below the surface of the sea by a charge of compressed air from its launch tube.

Polaris was powered by a solid fuel rocket engine and solid fuel booster with a thrust of 100,000 lbs. After being fired from the submerged submarine, the missile would leap into the air where its inertial guidance system would take over. It carried a nuclear warhead.

Time picture taken Sat Jun 23 12:03:14 2007
Location picture taken Air Power Park
Hampton, VA
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