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The sign by the exhibit. It reads:


The December 1965 Gemini VII mission was the first flight to use the new G5C lightweight flight suit. The plan called for one of the crewmen to remain suited—a very uncomfortable proposition—while the other was allowed to remove his suit. NASA let both crewmen remove their suits except for the rendezvous and reentry phases of the flight. For obvious reasons, the G5C space suit became known as the "Grasshopper" suit.

Gemini VII was the first mission where both crewmen slept at the same time. Each astronaut took a book along with him to read before going to sleep. Appropriately, Borman chose Mark Twain's "Roughing It." Lovell chose "Drums along the Mohawk" by James Fenimore Cooper.

Gemini 7 was also the only flight to use the G5C suit.

Sign by the Gemini G5C Suit at the Astronaut Hall of Fame
Time picture taken Mon Jun 14 11:29:00 2004
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Astronaut Hall of Fame
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