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The sign accompanying the Lunar Extravehicular Visor Assembly. It reads

Apollo 13 Lunar Surface EVA Helmet

Courtesy Jim Lovell

The Apollo 13 extravehicular helmet, placed over the pressure suit, was the first one to have a red stripe running down the top of it. This stripe would help identify the commander in photos taken on the lunar surface. The gold reflective material acts like sunglasses. Like the gloves, a metal ring provides a connection to this "fishbowl helmet" that gives a wide field of view and eliminates the visor seal that had been used in the Mercury and Gemini program helmets. Can you see the fireproof cover layer that provides additional protection?

Lovell's Apollo 13 LEVA at Adler Planetarium
Time picture taken Tue Nov 28 12:54:02 2006
Location picture taken Shoot for the Moon Exhibit
Adler Planetarium
Chicago, IL
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