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Lovell's Apollo 13 Gloves Gallery


The sign accompanying the lunar EVA gloves. It reads

Apollo 13 Lunar Surface Gloves

Courtesy Jim Lovell

On the lunar surface, astronauts wear pressurized body suits that protect them from radiation, the absence of air, and other hazards. Special pressurized gloves must be flexible enough to allow fingers to do their work. These gloves were never used by the Apollo 13 astronauts because they never reached the moon's surface. Notice that the fingertips are blue, and that the left glove has a booklet attached to its cuff that spells out special procedures. Different pages describe how to do extravehicular activities, how to exit the craft, how to set up the flag, take photos, and much more. How hard do you think it would be to work using these gloves?

Time picture taken Tue Nov 28 12:54:53 2006
Location picture taken Shoot for the Moon Exhibit
Adler Planetarium
Chicago, IL
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