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Dedication sign. I'm pretty sure this is on the outside of the Early Years Gallery, to the south of the IMAX.

It reads

United States Air Force Museum

Since the Wright brothers' first flight, the history of aviation has been marked by the courage and consuming desire for knowledge which have enabled mankind in a relatively few years to leave the earth and begin the exploration of space.

This museum which is meant to preserve the heritage of military aviation, was built by the Air Force Museum Foundation under the leadership of Eugene W. Kettering and with the generous voluntary support of U.S. Air Force personnel, industry, and interested individuals.

On behalf of a grateful nation, I join in dedicating this Air Force Museum to the American people and to the thousands of airmen whose pioneering spirit, devotion to duty and love of flying have contributed so much to our progress in the air and to our happiness on the earth.

Richard Nixon

September 3, 1971

Time picture taken Fri Oct 20 06:58:30 2006
Location picture taken Air Force Museum
Dayton, OH
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