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Detail of the plaque on the front. It reads:

"The Mighty Eighth"

19 Jan. 1942 - 12 Sept. 1945

European-African-Middle Eastern
Theater of Operations
VIII Bomber Command 19 January 1942
Eighth Air Force 1 February 1942

Air Offensive Campaigns and Commanders

"Europe" Maj. Gen. Ira C. Eaker
"Normandy" Brig. Gen. Newton Longfellow
"Northern France" Maj. Gen. Frederick L. Anderson
"Rhineland" Lt. Gen. James H. Doolittle
"Ardennes-Alsace" Maj. Gen. William Kepner
"Central Europe" Maj. Gen. Westside T. Larson

"Medal of Honor"

1st Lt. Jack Warren Mathis   18 March 43
S Sgt. Maynard H. Smith   1 May 43
F/O John Cary Morgan   28 July 43
Col. Leon W. Johnson   1 Aug. 43  
2nd Lt. Lloyd H. Hughes   1 Aug. 43
Lt. Col. Earl A. Baker   1 Aug. 43
Major John L. Jerstad   1 Aug. 43
S Sgt. Forrest L. Vosler   20 Dec. 43
1st Lt. William L. Lawley, Jr.   20 Feb. 44
2nd Lt. Walter E. Truemper   20 Feb. 44
S Sgt. Archibald Mathies   20 Feb. 44
1st Lt. Edward S. Michael   11 Apr. 44
Lt. Col. Leon Robert Vance   5 Jun. 44
1st Lt. Donald Joseph Gott   9 Nov. 44
2nd Lt. William E. Metzger   9 Nov. 44
2nd Lt. Robert E. Femoyer   2 Nov. 44
Brig. Gen. Frederick W. Castle   24 Dec. 44

Distinguished Services Cross  226 Silver Stars  884 Soldiers Medal  488
Distinguished Flying Cross  45977 Air Medal  442300 Purple Heart  7033
Distinguished Service Medal  12 Bronze Star  2984 Legion of Merit  209
27 Distinguished Unit Citations 18 Meritorious Service Unit Plaques

The heritage of free peoples in their quest for world peace against tyranny and suppression of freedom was honored by the courageous sacrifices of over 300,000 men and women during World War Two who served in the mightiest air combat striking force ever committed to battle -- the "U.S. Eighth Air Force." To these many, and the nearly 60,000 who were killed or did not return from their missions, this memorial is respectfully dedicated.

The Eighth Air Force Historical Society
October 8, 1982

Eighth Air Force Memorial at Air Force Museum
Time picture taken Fri May 15 16:25:54 2009
Location picture taken Memorial Park
Air Force Museum
Dayton, OH
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