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My commemorative brick in Apollo Court. It reads

Michael L. Jetzer
Space Historian

This brick is not as self-aggrandizing as it seems: After a friend of mine published his first book, we joked around with him, asking whether they'd superimpose "Robert J. Laplander, WWI Historian" in the bottom corner of the screen when he would appear on the History Channel (this was back when the History Channel actually had history-related programming, rather than ice road truckers, pawn stars, and ancient aliens).

When the USSRC was raising funds for the Saturn V building, my wife bought me this brick for Christmas as an inside joke so that I, too, could have "historian" appear after my name.

Time picture taken Sat Feb 21 15:31:12 2009
Location picture taken Apollo Court
US Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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