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J-2 Engines in Building 7241 Gallery


Identification for the engine closest to the door ("engine #1").

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Paperwork taped to the aft end of engine #1's dolly (recall that "engine #1" is what I arbitrarily decided to call this engine, so don't let the "engine #4" sign confuse you). Note the red thrust chamber cover (with the stylized white Rocketdyne "R") behind the railing on the dolly.

The paperwork reads

Engine #4
P/N S/N Nom. Condition
9024460-11   Support Elect. Good 1 ea.
4064/MOZ J-1007 Eng. Handler Good 1 ea.
103826 J-2103 J-2 Engine Good 1 ea.
9020628-51   Support Fluid Good 1 ea.
19-9020629 N109 J-2 Eng. Cover Good 1 ea.

Yes, this indicates that the J-2 engine's serial number is J-2103, even though the engine is stamped with a "U/N" of 2148 (seeming to imply J-2148). To confuse things further, the dolly has a hand-made label indicating "J2 2146".

Time picture taken Sat Feb 21 10:35:06 2009
Location picture taken Building 7241
Redstone Arsenal
Huntsville, AL
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