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F-1 Engine (Indoors) Gallery


The sign accompanying the engine. It reads


The F-1 engine has roots outside NASA: the huge booster came to the space agency in 1958 as part of the Air Force legacy. At that time no vehicle existed capable of using the F-1. 10 January 1962 NASA confirmed the Saturn V would have a first stage (S-IC) powered by five F-1 engines. The F-1 was a single-start, 1,500,000 lb fixed-thrust rocket system. The five-engine cluster used on the S-IC of the 363 ft Saturn V produced 7,500,000 lbs of thrust.

Thrust:1,500,000 lb
Propellant:Liquid Oxygen/RP-1 (kerosene)
Mixture Ratio:2.27:1
Weight:18,616 lb

On loan from MSFC/NASA

Developed by Rocketdyne Corp.

Time picture taken Sat Jul 15 13:04:18 2006
Location picture taken Space Hall
"Old" Museum
U.S. Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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