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The ID plates on the front of the Ascent Propulsion System mockup (this picture is rotated 180 degrees so it's easier to read the main ID plate).

The main ID plate reads

Bell Aerosystems Company
Div. of Bell Aerospace Corporation
Buffalo 5, N.Y.
Engine, Rocket, Liquid Propellant

Government Model: [blank]
Model Specification No.: LSP-270-5A
Serial No.: 1 Mock-Up
Stock No.: [blank]
Contract Order No.: 2-18832-C
Manufacturers Part No.: 8258-970001-1

There's also a property tag which simply reads "MSFC 83218".

The "Accepted By/Date" sticker does not seem to have anything written or stamped on it.

Recall that Bell Aerosystems originally had the contract for the APS engine, but that Rocketdyne took over integration responsibility after Bell was having problems with combustion instability.

The specification number, LSP-270-5A, seems to date back to a report entitled Engine, Rocket, Liquid, Ascent, Design Control Specification for of 29 June 1963 (although I haven't been able to locate that report, it is listed as Reference #10 in Mission-Related Design Requirements for the LEM Propulsion Subsystem).

Time picture taken Sun Nov 8 11:32:50 2009
Location picture taken Lobby of "Old" Entrance
US Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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