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Larry Capps

The master of ceremony, as always, was USSRC CEO Larry Capps. Here are his introductory remarks:

Everyone take your seats. We are going to move rapidly, just like the rocket's going to move. Ladies and gentlemen, would you please stand as we play our national anthem.

With this weather, you don't know whether to laugh or cry [Alabama had been undergoing a dry spell, so the rain was welcome]. If you're the mayor, she's probably saying, "Bring it on! Bring it on!"

Ladies and gentlemen, good morning once again. I'm Larry Capps of the US Space and Rocket Center, and it is my privilege to welcome you to what we call "Rocket Roll." It's the symbolic launching of the Saturn V into its new home, the Davidson Saturn V Center [this ceremony took place before the facility was renamed to the "Davidson Center for Space Exploration"].

The rocket, as you can see, has been sanded one last time in the past two weeks, and is waiting its final coat of paint, which will be applied once the rocket is in place in the Davidson Saturn V Center. And thus, we will have completed our mission to conserve and preserve this national historic landmark.

The restoration project has been successful thanks to the generous support of donors like you who chose to be with us today.

At this time I'd like to recognize our special guests in the audience. [Recognizing the mayor; other local, state, and federal representatives; representatives of Accenture and Marshall Space Flight Center; astronauts Owen Garriott and Jim Halsell; members of the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission; members of the US Space & Rocket Center Foundation Board; members of the Saturn V Restoration Committee; NASA officials responsible for the movement of the Saturn V; and his wife.] [Applause]

Our next speaker represents our title sponsor for Rocket Roll, Jeff Chenevey. He's the senior director with Accenture. Accenture is one of NASA's outstanding partners and the sponsor of today's event. We certainly thank them for their sponsorship, and without their generous support we couldn't have made this happen.

If you are not familiar with Accenture, it's a global consulting company that helps business and government perform at its highest level. Citizens have a right to expect the highest performance from their government, even when budgets are tight. Accenture brings private-sector experience to the public sector so governments can run more efficiently and at higher standards. It's hard to find a government agency that Accenture does not work with, from Homeland Security to the Pentagon to the IRS and, of course, NASA.

Jeff has been with Accenture for 17 years, and has spent a lot of that time working with NASA, first at the center at Cleveland, and for the past three years here at Huntsville.

We are proud to have Jeff and his team as part of our donor family. We thank Accenture for sponsoring today's event and we welcome Jeff Chenevey. Jeff ...

Larry Capps
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