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Joe Ritch

Joe Ritch, US Space and Rocket Center Foundation chairman, was the final speaker:

Thank you, Larry, really, for that nice comment. [Laughter] Please don't record that!

First, thank all of you for coming.

As one that grew up in this area I can remember the days when this creature back here was knocking our windows out as it vibrated leaves. We grew up with our heroes, our astronauts, and I see some of you here. It's very exciting. But frame this thing and build a home for it, where it's gonna stay for generations to come. It's so very important. Under the direction of Bill [Gurley, Saturn V Restoration Project chairman] and all the people who have worked on this, this is so important for us and it's such an exciting moment to preserve such an important part of this world's history and it was made right out here.

Also, this staff that we've been working with: We thought the goal was unrealistic, it would never happen, and they did it. So I want to ask all of you to give a big round of applause to this staff.

This is the easy part. I'm gonna call for the groundbreaking. It looks, if you think we're gonna build a building overnight, we're gonna build a dirt horseshoe. Brenda does not think that Larry knows how to work a shovel, so I ask all of those in the crowd for the groundbreaking to please come over here, grab your shovel, and let's go to work. And, again, thank you for being here.

Joe Ritch
Time picture taken Sat Jul 15 17:31:07 2006
File name dsc18658.jpg
Location picture taken West Parking Lot
US Space & Rocket Center
Huntsville, AL
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