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Titan II Mark 6 Reentry Vehicle Gallery


The sign affixed to the reentry vehicle. It reads

Titan II Re-Entry Vehicle (RV Shield)

Was used to protect the Titan II nuclear warhead system from excessive re-entry heat and electro-magnetic pulse during flight. The re-entry vehicle (nose cone) is 14 feet high and 8 1/3 feet in diameter. The RV's size in relationship to the entire missile can be seen by comparing this actual RV to the scale model of a Titan II at the right.

(This re-entry vehicle came from SAC's Little Rock AFB in 1987 at the time the last Titan IIs were deactivated.)

Time picture taken Sun Jul 27 11:42:22 2008
Location picture taken Hangar B
Strategic Air & Space Museum
Ashland, NE
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