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A sign near Johnson Space Center's Saturn V. It reads

National Historic
Mechanical Engineering Landmark

Saturn V Rocket

1967 - 1973

The largest rocket built at the time of the historic first missions to the moon, the Saturn V carried aloft the 45-ton Apollo spacecraft on Earth orbital and lunar missions from 1967 to 1972. It also launched the 120-ton Skylab into Earth orbit on May 14, 1973.

Design and fabrication of the Saturn V were carried out by a government/industry team which included the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Boeing Company, North American Rockwell, McDonnell Douglas Corporation, International Business Machines, and their sub-contractors. Many of the design features were outgrowths of the earlier development work accomplished by military service organizations and their contractors.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers - 1980

Time picture taken Mon Aug 4 08:25:20 2008
Location picture taken Saturn V Center
Rocket Park
Johnson Space Center
Houston, TX
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