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Detail of something-or-other on the LMP's side of the ascent stage.

The Lunar Module News Reference shows a green docking light on this panel, but farther aft. At first I thought that it looked like it could be the green docking light, but it looks different than the red docking light on the commander's side of the LM and the white and yellow docking lights above the hatch (on either side of the tracking light) in that it is mounted on a raised base.

At first I was willing to believe that LTA-8 was an early LM and the location of the light may have changed between the lunar test article's construction and the publication of the news reference, but LM-2 and LM-9 both have the same type of something-or-other at the same location.

Time picture taken Mon Aug 4 09:48:48 2008
Location picture taken Outside Starship Gallery
Space Center Houston
Houston, TX
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