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Overall view of the S-Band steerable antenna. This antenna was used to communicate with Earth over the Manned Space Flight Network (MSFN).

As described by the Lunar Module News Reference,

The S-band steerable antenna is a 26-inch-diameter parabolic reflector with a point source feed that consists of a pair of cross-sleeved dipoles over a ground plane. The prime purpose of this antenna is to provide deep-space voice and telemetry communications and deep-space tracking and ranging. This antenna provides 174° azimuth coverage and 330° elevation coverage. The antenna can be operated manually or automatically. The manual mode is used for initial positioning of the antenna to orient it within &plusmin;12.5° (capture angle) of the line-of-sight signal received from the MSFN station. Once the antenna is positioned within the capture angle, it can operate in the automatic mode.

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Time picture taken Mon Aug 4 09:48:20 2008
Location picture taken Outside Starship Gallery
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