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Apollo Lunar Surface Television Camera (Westinghouse) Gallery


The sign accompanying the camera. It reads

The Eagle has Landed

This TV camera was developed by Westinghouse in 1968 for the Apollo 11 lunar landing. The Westinghouse Lunar Surface Camera was used to broadcast Neil Armstrong's first steps on the Moon, as well as the following five Apollo missions that would also land astronauts on the Moon.

While this camera never flew, it was most likely used for tests and training for the Apollo 11 mission. All TV cameras used on the Moon were left behind to allow for more Lunar soil samples to be brought back to Earth.

Artifact Information

Apollo lunar surface television camera

Designed to operate from the spacecraft or from the lunar surface
United States, ca. 1968

On loan from the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

Sign accompanying the Apollo Lunar Surface Television Camera (Westinghouse) at St. Louis Science Center
Time picture taken Thu Aug 23 14:34:18 2018
Location picture taken Lobby
James S. McDonnell Planetarium
St. Louis Science Center
St. Louis, MO
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