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Larry Capps

The master of ceremony was USSRC CEO Larry Capps. Here are his introductory remarks:

Good evening once again, everyone. As you move to your seats, let me introduce myself. I'm Larry Capps, the CEO of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, and it's my privilege to welcome you to the third annual Saturn/Apollo Reunion.

Earlier this afternoon, we broke ground for a new building complex that will house the Saturn V rocket. The building is a visible milestone of the Saturn V restoration project. The Saturn V rocket that lays over here on my right and behind me still needs a few final touch-ups, and the decals put on it, but this restored Saturn V rocket is also a visible sign of the success of the Saturn V restoration project. It is also an important symbol of this nation's greatest engineering achievement.

However, tonight's gathering is an important outgrowth of this project. As we work to preserve the rocket for future generations, it is appropriate that we pay tribute to those who actually made the rocket, made the rocket and the moon landing, those great engineering achievements, possible.

If you worked in the Saturn/Apollo program, would you please stand or raise your hand. [Applause.] Konrad, raise your hand. There you go. [Laughter]

I want to extend a special thanks to the sponsors who made this evening possible. Please join me in thanking sponsors Dr. Julian and Dorothy Davidson of Davidson Technologies Inc. [Applause.] This wonderful barbeque and side dishes you enjoyed this evening are compliments of our co-sponsor Halsey Food Service. And please join me in thanking Will Halsey. [Applause.] Thanks also to our contributing food and beverage sponsors, Ameripride, Coca Cola USA, Green Mountain Coffee, Costco, Crystal Mountain Water, Johnson Brother's Wine, Milo's Tea, Purity Dairies, Sara Lee Bakery, Sam's Club, Supreme Beverage Company, and the US Food Service. [Applause.] Thanks also to our promotional sponsors, the Huntsville Times and WLRH public radio. Let's give them a hand also. [Applause.]

It is now my pleasure to introduce the Saturn V Restoration Chairman, Bill Gurley. Bill is senior vice president of SAIC, the company that is also the largest corporate sponsor for this project. Bill brings not only his enthusiasm, but he brings a passion to his leadership in the effort to save your rocket. Bill ...

Larry Capps speaking at the Third Annual Saturn/Apollo Reunion (2006) at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center.
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