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The sign accompanying the tire. It reads

Columbia (STS-58) Shuttle Tire

STS-58 Tire
Omniplex Collection

This tire was flown aboard the Columbia Space Transportation System-58 shuttle mission. The tire, manufactured by B.F. Goodrich, weighs about 400 pounds and is designed for up to six landings. The tires take a beating during the landing process. When the tires touch down, they go from 0 to 225 miles per hour in less than a second. The tires also bear the full weight of the 227,400-pound shuttle when it lands.

STS-58 landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California on November 1, 1993. From the time the tires hit the runway until the shuttle came to a complete stop, it traveled 9,640 feet, or 1.85 miles.

Note that Michelin bought the B.F. Goodrich aircraft tire division in 1989.

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