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The sign on the Sherman tank. Partially in French and run through Google Translate, it reads

This Sherman tank arrived at Omaha Museum May 15, 1998.
This tank was used by American soldiers in 1944.
Sherman M4 A1
American assault tank
Empty weight: 28 T 200
Engine: Manufactured by Wright
Speed: 39 km/hour [heroicrelics: 24 mph]
Fuel capacity: 651 liters [heroicrelics: 172 gallons]
Consumption: 625 liters [heroicrelics: 165 gallons] (gasoline)
Power: 390 hp - 5 speed [heroicrelics: transmission???]
Armament: 1 75mm cannon
Equipped with: 12.7 mm [heroicrelics: .50 caliber] machine gun
Equipped with: 7.62 mm [heroicrelics: .30 caliber] machine gun
49,230 units were manufactured.
On loan from the Musée des Blindés à Saumur

Time picture taken Fri Jun 21 17:53:53 2002
Location picture taken Omaha Beach Memorial Museum
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