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The sign accompanying the suit. It reads

The XN-13 suit displayed here was manufactured for the Navy by B.F. Goodrich and is one of the early adaptations of the company's Mark IV pressure suit used in the development of those worn by the Mercury astronauts. Weighing 22 lb., the Mercury suits consisted of three layers of nylon. The inner walls were ventilated for air circulation and cooling and also prevented leakage. The outer shell of HT-1 aluminized nylon, distinctive because of its silver color, was flame resistant in order to protect the astronaut in the event of a fire. It also gave America's new space pioneers a futuristic appearance.

Sign accompanying the XN-13 Pressure Suit at Naval Aviation Museum
Time picture taken Thu Jun 17 10:36:52 2004
Location picture taken Space Gallery
Naval Aviation Museum
Pensacola, FL
Picture also in Mercury Mockup
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