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The sign accompanying the Corsair. It reads

Goodyear FG "Corsair"

In production longer than any other U.S. fighter of WWII, the "Corsair" was used extensively by both carrier-based and land-based Navy and Marine Corps squadrons and established itself as one of the very finest combatants of the war.

The "Corsair" on display here, an FG-1D model, was restored to flyable condition by the late Wayne Thomas, Jr., of Plant City, Florida, and donated to the Naval Aviation Museum by his estate. The aircraft is in the markings of Col. Gregory "Pappy" Boyington, the Marine's top ace with 28 confirmed air-to-air combat victories.

Manufacturer: The "Corsair" was designed and produced by Vought-Sikorsky Div. of United Aircraft Corp. as the F4U.
In order to fill the high war-time demand, Goodyear Aircraft Corp. also produced the "Corsair" which was designated the FG.
Type:Carrier-based fighter
Crew:Pilot only
Power plant:One 2,000 HP Pratt & Whitney R-2800
Dimensions: Wing span 41' 0""; Length 33' 8'; Height 14' 9"
Weight:Empty 9,205 lbs; Gross 14,670 lbs
Performance: Max speed 440 mph; Ceiling 37,000 ft; Range 1,000 miles

This aircraft sponsored through the generosity of Mr. Robert J. Pond

Sign by the Corsair at Naval Aviation Museum
Time picture taken Thu Jun 17 11:18:04 2004
Location picture taken WWII Aircraft Carrier Exhibit
Naval Aviation Museum
Pensacola, FL
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