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The sign accompanying the V-1. It reads


The German V-1, introduced in combat in June 1944, was the world's first operational cruise missile. Thousands of pulse-jet powered V-1s, known as "buzz bombs," were launched against cities in Europe. V-1s were slow and inaccurate; they could be intercepted and shot down.

Transferred from the U.S. Air Force

Length: 8.2 m (27 ft)
Span: 5.5 m (18 ft)
Weight: 2,200 kg (4,900 lb)
Thrust: 3,400 newtons (770 lb)
Range: 240-320 km (150-200 mi)
Manufacturer: Fieseler Werke (airframe),
Argus Motoren (motor)

The sign accompanying the V-1 at the National Air & Space Museum
Time picture taken Tue Jun 19 11:13:52 2007
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