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The Smithsonian has a Lunar Roving Vehicle display including an LRV tire (NASM collections ID #A19750830000), Apollo 17 LRV fender extension (NASM collections ID #A19760009000), and the Apollo 17 LRV replacement fender extension made out of a lunar map and duct tape (NASM collections ID #A19760010000 -- note that the Smithsonian lists the "manufacturer" as "Eugene A. Cernan"!).

The sign accompanying the display reads

Vehicle Repair on the Moon

Lunar Roving Vehicle Fender Repair - Apollo 17

Just after unloading the Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), Apollo 17 commander Eugene Cernan accidentally knocked off the right-rear fender extension. He taped it back on but it fell of later, and the wheel kicked a plume of fine lunar dust over the rover and its occupants. At the suggestion of technicians on Earth, Cernan and lunar module pilot Harrison Schmitt taped together several plastic-coated map sheets to make a replacement fender extension.

Shown here are a spare wheel and fender and a fender extension brought back from Apollo 17, and the replacement for the extension made of map sheets and tape on the moon.

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