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Aldrin Apollo 11 Suit Gallery


Next to the suit are displayed the clear helmet, the LEVA, and the suit's EVA gloves.

The LEVA is the "lunar extravehicular visor assembly," the familiar covering for the clear helmet that was worn on the lunar surface. Since the LEVA was only worn on the moon, it was stowed in the lunar module (rather than worn into the command module prior to launch) and was issued only to Armstrong and Aldrin; Collins would not perform an EVA.

Similarly, the EVA gloves were only issued to Armstrong and Aldrin, as only they would perform work on the lunar surface.

The crew only wore their clear helmet and black pressure gloves when a pressurized space suit was required during the mission, as shown in NASA photo 69-H-1121.

Time picture taken Tue Jun 19 13:38:00 2007
Location picture taken Apollo to the Moon Gallery
National Air & Space Museum
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