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The sign accompanying the moon rock. It reads

Lunar Sample 15555,54

This Apollo 15 lunar sample (Moon rock) was collected by Astronaut Dave Scott about 12 meters north of the rim of Hadley Rille, about 2 kilometers east of the landing site. This rock weighs 94 grams. It is a fragment of the original rock which weighed 9,614 grams when returned to Earth. This sample is mare basalt, and like all lunar mare basalts is very old (about 3.3 billion years), older than most of all Earth surface rocks. Scientific research is being conducted on the balance of this sample at NASA's Johnson Space Center and at other research centers in the United States and certain foreign nations under a continuing program of investigation involving lunar samples collected during the Apollo Program.

Sign accompanying the Moon Rock at Michigan Space and Science Center
Time picture taken Sat Sep 28 13:22:04 2002
Location picture taken Michigan Space & Science Center
Jackson, MI
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