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View of an engine shroud, outboard H-1 engine (under the shroud) and inboard H-1 engines.

The outboard H-1 engine has an engine cover, which appears similar to the ones shown in MSFC-6864131, although this is the only place I recall actually seeing engine covers like this in person.

It's interesting that when the S-I-D stage was initially placed on display, it seemed to lack aspirators and heat exchangers, but that they seemed to have been added some time later. I don't know whether the entire engines were swapped out or the aspirators and heat exchangers were added via a field replacement kit.

Of course, it could just be that these engine covers were added for effect and were stuffed with old newspapers or something ...

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This picture is exposed for the engines under the stage.

Time picture taken Fri Jul 10 14:41:40 2009
Location picture taken Rocket Garden
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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