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XRS-2200 Linear Aerospike Engine Gallery


Detail of an ID tag on the north side of the engine handling fixture. It reads

McDonnell U.S.A.

Tool No ATP7RG048880A1DUO002
Tool Name XRS2200 Vert. Eng. Hndlr.
Prop. Of Rocketdyne Pieces [blank] of [blank]
Built 1-28-00 Insp by OV1564]
TCO [blank] Date [blank] Insp [blank]
[obscured]CO [blank] Date [blank] Insp [blank]

It's odd that it's labelled as "McDonnell U.S.A.", as the build date (January 28, 2000) is well after both the date of its merger with Douglas Aircraft Company in 1967 (resulting in McDonnell Douglas) and its acquisition by Boeing in 1997.

XRS-2200 Vertical Engine Handler ID tag at Marshall Space Flight Center Building 4205
Time picture taken Thu Sep 12 15:36:00 2013
Location picture taken Building 4205
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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