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Walk-around of the tap-off for augmented spark igniter (ASI) fuel hose, located on the under side of the fuel manifold inlet.

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At the time I first visited this thrust chamber in 2013, I had a DSLR camera; DSLRs at the time had no live view on their LCD panels, so it was necessary to peer through the viewfinder in order to properly compose a photo. The inlets for the fuel and exhaust manifolds were just barely too far off the ground for me to be able to properly see through the viewfinder, so most of my photos from that trip were taken by shooting blind, aiming the camera in the intended direction and hoping to get a good shot.

When I found out that I would be able visit again in 2014, I purchased a stepstool (visible in the background) specifically so that I'd be able to photograph the interior of these thrust chamber openings (and the F-1 nozzle extension which was also stored outdoors during these visits). An LED light rests on the top step of the stepstool.

J-2 Engine Thrust Chamber J-2111 tap-off for ASI fuel hose at Marshall Space Flight Center
Time picture taken Tue Sep 16 09:14:44 2014
Location picture taken Building 4205
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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