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Detail of the stamps on the interior of the exhaust manifold inlet receiving turbine exhaust gases from the fuel turbopump.

There are two stamps to the left of the opening. The one at lower left reads "A.S.-2.500" and has a round, inspector-type stamp after it. The second stamp originally read "RD251-4076-2497" but the last four digits are Xed out, with "-2498" appearing under them (for a final part number of "RD251-4076-2498"). There are also two round, inspector-type stamps.

The entire stamp on the right of the opening is Xed out, but originally read "RD251-9004-1000".

J-2 Engine Thrust Chamber J-2111 fuel liquid hydrogen LH2 turbopump turbine exhaust manifold inlet at Marshall Space Flight Center
Time picture taken Tue Sep 16 09:09:44 2014
Location picture taken Building 4205
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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