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Detail of the engine's "master" ID plate, between the gimbal outrigger arms in dsc66981.jpg. It reads

Rocket Engine
Part Name: Rocket Engine Assembly
Contract No.: [unintelligible]
Part No.: 104001
Spec No.: [unintelligible] 142068 [probable]
Stock No.: [blank]
Serial No.: F-5036
Model No.: F-1
Accepted: [blank]
Weight: [blank]
Insp: [some sort of inspection stamp]

This photo was taken in 2009. The ID plate has quickly degraded, as this photo from 2012 shows. I fear that soon the identifying marks will be gone from this engine.

F-5036 serial number ID plate on F-1 Engine (Building 4200) at Marshall Space Flight Center
Time picture taken Fri Jul 10 14:07:32 2009
Location picture taken Building 4200
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, AL
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