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The sign on the Harvard Mk IV. It reads

Harvard Mk IV

Manufacturer: Canadian Car & Foundry
(under license of North American Aviation)
Type: Advanced Trainer
Engine: Pratt & Whitney R-1340-AN1 Wasp,
9-cyl. radial, supercharged, air-cooled,
600 HP for T/O, 550 HP Cruise
Wingspan: 42 ft
Weight: 5,750 lbs gross
Crew: 2
Armament: Two 50 cal machine guns
Cruise Speed: 155 mph at 8000 feet
Maximum Speed: 208 mpg (at 5,000 ft)
Range: 450 miles

In 1946, the Canadian Car and Foundry developed the Harvard Mk IV trainer to the specifications of the North American Aviation AT-6G "Texan". Production began in 1951. 555 Mk IVs were produced for Canada and the US in the 1950s. It was an advanced trainer with hydraulic gear and flaps. The aircraft is stressed for aerobatics and is capable of most maneuvers, except sustained inverted flight, snap rolls, outside loops, and inverted spins. 137,000 aircrew came to Canada from all corners of the globe to earn their wings in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. The "roar" of the Harvard comes from its 600 HP Pratt & Whitney engine coupled to its 9-foot Hamilton Standard propeller with tips reaching sonic speeds. In the 1950s, some Harvard MK IVs served NATO countries in Europe under the designation T-6J.

Time picture taken Sun Jul 1 12:30:30 2007
Location picture taken Crites Field (KUES)
Waukesha, Wisconsin
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