SA-6 (Saturn I Block II) Booklet

NASA put out a booklet in preparation for the SA-6 launch and cleverly titled it Saturn SA-6. SA-6 was the second Saturn I Block II launch and the first to fly an Apollo boilerplate.

This booklet contains an overview of the mission, each of the stages (the S-I stage and S-IV stages, plus the instrument unit and Apollo spacecraft), the Eastern Test Range, and Launch Complex 37 (LC-37), as well as a chart of the SA-6 countdown.

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Here are a few of the highlights from the booklet:

SA-6 Saturn Block II cover
SA-6 Saturn Block II overall vehicle
SA-6 Saturn Block II S-I stage
SA-6 Saturn Block II S-IV stage
SA-6 Saturn Block II Apollo boilerplate spacecraft

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I've prepared two PDFs: