ARPA Order No. 14-59

Wernher von Braun's team, working for the Army Ballistic Agency at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, had been studying very large boosters capable of launching correspondingly large military payloads. In December 1957, he proposed a program to create such a booster, with 1.5 million pounds of thrust, to the Department of Defense.

On August 15, 1958 the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) authorized this program:


ARPA Order No. 14-59

August 15. 1958 Date

TO:  Commanding General
     U. S. Army Ordnance Missile Command
     Huntsville, Alabama

     1. Pursuant to the provisions of DoD Directive 5105.15, dated February 7, 1958, you are requested to proceed at once on behalf of the Advanced Research Projects Agency with the project specified below. Additional details and directives will be issued by ARPA from time to time and will become a part of this Order when so specified.

     2. Initiate a development program to provide a large space vehicle booster of approximately 1.5 million pounds thrust based on a cluster of available rocket engines. The immediate goal of this program is to demonstrate a full-scale captive dynamic firing by the end of claendar (sic) year 1959.

     3. You will submit, as soon as possible, for review and approval by the Advanced Research Projects Agency a detailed development and related financial plan covering the program. These data shall include a time-phased schedule of work and estimates for work to be performed (a) by AOMC, (b) by contract, and (c) at other government facilities.

     4. This Order makes available $5,000,000 under appropriation and account symbol "97X0113.001 Salaries and Expenses, Advanced Research Projects, Department of Defense" for obligation by the Army Ordnance Missile Command on behalf of the Advanced Research Projects Agency only for the purposes necessary to accomplish the work specified herein. These funds are immediately available for direct obligation and for use in reimbursing the Army Ordnance Missile Command for costs incurred under this Order. Upon approval of development and financial plans, as required herein or in accordance with amendments to this Order, these funds will be increased as appropriate.

     5. The Director, Advanced Research Projects Agency, will provide policy and technical guidance, either directly or through designated resident representatives. The Army Ordnance Missile Command will be responsible for arranging for the detailed technical direction necessary to accomplish the specified objectives and to comply with ARPA policy and technical guidance. This general relationship may be specified in greater detail by amendment to this Order if such action is necessary.

     6. The Director, Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense will be kept informed by such management, technical and accounting reports as may be prescribed pursuant to this Order.

     7. The use of equipment and materials procured in connection with this project is subject to direction of AROA[sic] and all reports, manuals, charts, data and information as may be collected or prepared in connection with the project shall be made available to ARPA prior to release to other agencies or individuals under procedures to be approved.

     8. AOMC shall be responsible for preserving the security of this project in accordance with the security classification assigned and the security regualtions (sic) and procedures of the Department of the Army.

     9. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Order, AOMC shall not be bound to take any action in connection with the performance of this work that would cause the amount for which the Government will be obligated hereunder to exceed the funds made available, and the obligation to the AOMC to proceed with the performance of this work shall be limited accordingly. AOMC shall be responsible for assuring that all commitments, obligations and expenditures fo (sic) the funds made available are made in accordance with the statutes and regulations governing such matters provided that whenever such regulations require approval of high authority such approvals will be obtained from or through the Director, ARPA, or his designated representative.

                                        /s/ Roy Johnson
                                        Roy W. Johnson

cc: Secretary of the Army

Originally called "Juno V", this booster would soon renamed "Saturn".

ARPA Order No. 14-59 reprinted from A Bibliography of the Saturn System.