Pratt & Whitney RL-10/S-IV Advertisement

In the mid-1950s through the mid-1960s, many aerospace companies took out advertisements in magazines, including many non-industry magazines such as Time and National Geographic. Back then, the public took an interest in the space program, and the companies producing the hardware took the opportunity to engender good will.

In this advertisement from the May 1963 issue of National Geographic magazine, Pratt & Whitney, the manufacturer of the RL-10 rocket engine used by the S-IV (second) stage of the Saturn I, touts the benefits of their liquid hydrogen engine. This ad ran several months before the first flight of the S-IV stage, which took place with the January 29, 1964 flight of SA-5, the first Saturn I launch featuring a live second stage.

Pratt & Whitney Saturn S-IV second stage RL-10 rocket engine
	 New power for space magazine ad

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New power for space will come from America's first liquid-hydrogen engine, the RL-10. This upper-stage powerplant is being developed by Pratt & Whitney Aircraft for NASA's Marshall Space flight Center. The RL-10 is designed to stop and start in deep space, with advanced models offering throttle control of power. Pratt & Whitney Aircraft provides design and manufacturing leadership in power for many applications, in and out of this world.

Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
Division of United Aircraft Corp.
East Hardford, Conn.

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