Saturn S-IC Booster Major Components

On one of my visits to the archives of the University of Alabama at Huntsville I found the following drawing of the Saturn V S-IC (first stage):

Saturn V S-IC first stage major components

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Scan and cleanup by heroicrelics.

The Saturn S-IC Booster

Schematic drawing shows the location of the tubular, coaxial missile fuel line (LOX suction line), which will be the first structure to be produced by the Par-Form process.

Major Components

  1. Forward Skirt Structure
  2. GOX Distributor
  3. LOX Tank
  4. Anti-Slosh Baffles
  5. Anti-Vortex Device
  6. Cruciform Baffle
  7. Intertank Structure
  8. Fuel Tank
  9. Suction Line Tunnels
  10. LOX Suction Lines
  1. Fuel Suction Lines
  2. Center Engine Support
  3. Thrust Column
  4. Hold Down Post
  5. Upper Thrust Ring
  6. Lower Thrust Ring
  7. Engine Fairing
  8. Fin
  9. F-1 Engine
  10. Retro Rockets
  1. GOX Line
  2. Helium Line
  3. Helium Bottles
  4. LOX Vent Line
  5. Helium Distributor
  6. Instrumentation Panels
  7. Cable Tunnel
  8. Umbilical Panel

See NASA photo MSFC-75-SA-4105-2C for similar S-IC diagram.