Redstone Arsenal Maps

Among the files I received from a from Marshall Space Flight Center employee is a map of Redstone Arsenal. Because of its detailed nature, this map is of limited use when viewed at the default size in a PDF viewer:

overall 1998 map of Redstone Arsenal

Although the default view will allow you to find the general area of a particular building, this map's real value comes when zoomed in to about 400% or so:

detail 1998 map of Redstone Arsenal showing Marshall Space Flight
	Center East Test Area

This level of detail makes the map more useful than the more commonly-available (and copyrighted) Redstone Arsenal map once available through the Tennessee Valley [direct link to 270K PDF] Website, although road names are more prominently noted on the Tennessee Valley map.

Since Marshall Space Flight Center is entirely contained within Redstone Arsenal, this map can be used to locate MSFC building numbers (at least as of 1998, when this map is dated).

Download Links

1998 map of Redstone Arsenal [link to 4.8 PDF file].