History of the Jupiter Missile System

Once upon a time, Redstone Arsenal had a history web site; that site seems to have been taken down some time circa 2010, this site was taken down and replaced with a vague notice that the site was being redesigned (although they don't appear to be making much progress).

Among the items on the web site was a PDF copy of a monograph entitled History of the Jupiter Missile System by James M. Grimwood and Frances Strowd. The quality of the PDF was pretty much at the low end of the "microfiched long ago and then scanned into PDF" quality range, but it does not appear that this monograph is available elsewhere on the Internet.

I ran the PDF through OCR and present it below.

If anyone happens to know where a physical copy of this could be found, I'd love to scan it (or at least some of the more interesting diagrams).

Download Link

Since I downloaded this from the Internet and did nothing other than run it through optical character recognition (so that the PDF supports searching the text), I have a single PDF.

History of the Jupiter Missile System [direct link to 8.0 megabyte PDF].