The interior of the flame deflector.

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This photo is of the top of the deflector.

The rocket exhaust would have entered the flame deflector at center. The test stand was originally equipped with a rolling work platform which extended to rest under the engine's mount, allowing engineers to prepare the engine for firing. It rolled back during tests, exposing the hole to the flame deflector.

I'm not certain whether this original work platform was still in place when this photo was taken or whether a different safety platform was used.

The hole measures 28 feet across, from one truncated corner to another.

F-1 Test Stand Flame Deflector Gallery 3-18-09-077.jpg

Time picture taken Wed Mar 18 09:49:28 2009
Location picture taken Around F-1 Test Stand
West Test Area
Marshall Space Flight Center
Huntsville, Alabama
Photo Credit Marshall Space Flight Center
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