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Grissom's high school diploma. It reads

Mitchell High School
State of Indiana
This Certifies That
Virgil I. Grissom
Having Completed the Studies prescribed for the High School Course merits this
In Witness Whereof the Seal of the Board of School Trustees and the Signatures
of the Officers of the same are hereunto affixed this nineteenth day of May, 1944

[unintelligible] Deckard, Superintendent
Rollie R. Geddes, Principal of High School
Carl E. Chastain, President of the Board
[unintelligible], Secretary of the Board
John A. Holden, Treasurer of the Board

Gus Grissom's high school diploma at Grissom Memorial in Mitchell Indiana
Time picture taken Mon Jan 21 09:14:14 2013
Location picture taken Early Life Gallery
Grissom Memorial
Spring Mill State Park
Mitchell, Indiana
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