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The sign in the Purdue University display. It reads

"Hail to Old Purdue"

Gus's decision to enter Purdue University as an engineer was based upon his desire to have a career in aviation.

Grissom entered Purdue in 1946. At that time, enrollment was skyrocketing. World War II veterans, taking advantage of the GI bill's free tuition, studied along with recently graduated high school students. Housing was tight and temporary classroom structures were built to accommodate the large numbers of students.

Betty and Gus both worked jobs to extend their meager budget. Gus worked as a short-order cook, detasseled corn and worked the night shift at the Monon roundhouse. Betty worked as a telephone operator.

"My greatest asset was that I had a working wife."
        - Gus Grissom, referring to his time at Purdue.

Due to his hard work and dedication, Gus graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1950, one semester early. Before leaving Purdue, Grissom had reenlisted with the Air Force.

"He knew what he wanted to do and what he had to do to get there."
        - Betty Grissom

"He wasn't satisfied with civilian life and never would be. He loved flying and that was going to be his life."
        - Cecile Grissom

Sign by the Purdue Artifacts in the Grissom Memorial in Mitchell Indiana
Time picture taken Sun Jun 10 09:22:32 2012
Location picture taken Early Life Gallery
Grissom Memorial
Spring Mill State Park
Mitchell, Indiana
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