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The seventh panel on the monument. It reads:

Following the flight of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown," President Lyndon B. Johnson presented Gus with his second NASA Distinguished Service Award and with NASA's Exceptional Service Medal.

On March 21, 1966, Gus was selected as command pilot on the first 3 man Apollo flight, Apollo 1, the first of 11 missions in the moon landing program.

On January 27, 1967, he and his two crew members were conducting countdown tests in the Apollo module when fire broke out. All three astronauts died in the flash fire which swept through the spacecraft.

Lt. Col. Grissom is buried in Virginia at Arlington National Cemetery.

Panels on the Grissom Monument in Mitchell Indiana
Time picture taken Mon Nov 9 13:07:12 2009
Location picture taken Grissom Monument
Near S. 6th St. & W. Vine St.
Mitchell, Indiana
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