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Grissom Gemini 3 Suit (pre-renovation)

The space suit and helmet worn by Gus Grissom on his Gemini 3 flight. The suit is NASM collection ID #19680456000 and the helmet is #19680456001.

The interior of the Grissom Memorial underwent renovation from the end of 2008 until April 2009 and was "officially rededicated" on July 18 as part of the park's annual "Grissom Day" celebration. The photos here were taken prior to the renovation.

The suit was displayed like this for our first visit or two, but some time around the summer of 2003 or 2004 it had been recalled for preservation, so I have only a few photos of it in its "old" setting. I also have photos of the suit after the renovation.

dsc01864.jpg at Mitchell Indiana
dsc01851.jpg at Mitchell Indiana
dsc01779.jpg at Mitchell Indiana
dsc01789.jpg at Mitchell Indiana
dsc01788.jpg at Mitchell Indiana
dsc01782.jpg at Mitchell Indiana
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